Akita Debate

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How to select a breeder

So you finally decided that you are ready to bring a puppy to your family?

Here is a really useful matrix which compares the types of breeders in some very important aspects.


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I am an akita, pet me!

1013934 10200736578190133 833407900 nA few months back we wrote an article about akita related bad news that show up in Google's first page and really makes eveybody wonder , are akitas really that bad?

Well, this time we have good news, it seems that a special akita owner found a unique way to demonstrate that akitas are not dangerous when properly trained and socialized. Nancy Almann shared with us her excellent idea and experience with her Akita named 'Kiyo'.

Here is what she told us:


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5 Ways You Are Stressing Your Dog Out

Niiro-the-Japanese-Akita-InuAs much as we love our dogs, they are prone to behaviors that get on our nerves from time to time. Good pet owners do their best to curb bad behavior, but it is entirely possible that you are contributing to your dog’s disobedience.

It’s true; canines are as affected by our behavior as we are by theirs. As much as your dog's behavior might stress you out, your behavior may be causing him stress, too.


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Akita and his "cousins"

wataru go hi ga noboru smallAccording to Federation Cynologique International (FCI) the Akita is categorized under Group 5 which includes the following sections:

Section 1: Nordic Sledge Dogs
Section 2: Nordic Hunting Dogs
Section 3: Nordic Watchdogs and Herders
Section 4: European Spitz
Section 5: Asian Spitz and related breeds
Section 6: Primitive type
Section 7: Primitive type - Hunting Dogs

Let's meet some of our Group 5 "cousins". 


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Hachiko, the akitas behind the scenes

hachiko behind the scenes 2Some people believe that there was only one dog in the film, I am sorry to disappoint you guys, Vicki Shigekuni Wong, the movie producer blogged about the dogs and their trainers. 

Boone's Animals For Hollywood has been training animals all over the world for over thirty years. Boone Narr's reputation with producers and animal groups is sterling, and his uncanny ability to connect with dogs is amazing to watch! I observed how Boone placed his concern for the dog's well being over everything else, and he worked closely with the American Humane Association to this end.

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