Akita Debate

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He who hated akitas

hellman-seihoh-akitaIt is doubtful if Richard Hellman ever envisioned making dog show history with a breed he didn't like. "I ridiculed them and fought against the Japanese Akita for years. I was living in Europe during the mid-80s and the quality at that time was very poor; there was nothing about them that appealed to me. To my mind, the only real Akita was the American Akita." But that was soon to change.

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Book: "Our akita"

image 1367574346149189Impressions:

Even the title sounds pleasant before you even open it, "Our akita", it's more personal, friendlier and shows that wants to bring you closer.

The first impression is that it's about a special attempt that emphasized on quality, well printed, excellent paper quality and in full color. The photos used came from real owners and not some commercial photo studio. The language is simple, easy to understand, well structured and keeps you interested till the end.

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Akitas aggressive to other dogs

800px Dogs Fighting by Pauwel de Vos The HermitageAccording to a 2008 research conducted by the universities of Pennsylvania and Taiwan it seems that our beloved akitas are the most aggressive towards other dogs.

It's although very interesting that the research doesn't mention any hierarchical social structures, leaders of the pack, dominance etc. On the contrary, they mention the purpose that each breed was bred for. This comes to no surprise for us, since humans have used dogs for thousands of years against other animals, dogs (in dog fighting) and even against other humans.  

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Dolcenea , 93 titles and counting!


Every time I saw Dolcenea winning I was wondering how can someone do this with an akita? How determined someone must be? Could this be possible for all akitas and how can we build this trusting relationship with our dog and have fun?

Luckily , Dolcenea's mom, Debra Fletcher, was happy to share her experience with us.

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Pack leader theory is wrong

Wolf pack

Contrary to popular belief, aggressive dogs are NOT trying to assert their dominance over their canine or human "pack", according to research published by academics at the University of Bristol's Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Clinical Applications and Research.

The researchers spent six months studying dogs freely interacting at a Dogs Trust rehoming centre, and reanalysing data from studies of feral dogs, before concluding that individual relationships between dogs are learnt through experience rather than motivated by a desire to assert "dominance".

The paper "Dominance in domestic dogs useful construct or bad habit?" reveals that dogs are not motivated by maintaining their place in the pecking order of their pack, as many well-known dog trainers preach.

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