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image 1367574346149189Impressions:

Even the title sounds pleasant before you even open it, "Our akita", it's more personal, friendlier and shows that wants to bring you closer.

The first impression is that it's about a special attempt that emphasized on quality, well printed, excellent paper quality and in full color. The photos used came from real owners and not some commercial photo studio. The language is simple, easy to understand, well structured and keeps you interested till the end.


From the second you start reading you wish it will never end, it covers almost every subject or question anyone may have.  It brings you to the akita world starting with general information, historical data and progresses to character, appearance and life with akitas.

Of special interest are the chapters about breeding and raising puppies. The wonderful way that Gabriella Richard describes her experience and knowledge make the reader feel a bit like reading her personal journal or notes.

She doesn't try to make the breed look perfect for everyone, on the contrary, she wants to make sure that whoever decides to get an akita then they know exactly what they are about to do.

What I would like to see in a 2nd edition? A special chapter on evaluation/judging, the secrets of the breeder and judge, how to approach any dog's pros and cons with a subjective view.

titelbildIn any case, it's a book that both owners and akita friends will enjoy reading. It costs 19.90 Euros and can be purchased from : www.our-akita-book.com

About the author:

Gabriela Sophie Richard is an English teacher and mother of two daughters. She grew up with two Akitas and today lives with her family and six Akitas in Kamen, Germany.

Her life has revolved around the Akita breed for more than 40 years as a breeder, founder and president of the “Akita in Not” rescue station for Akitas in need, a VDH dog trainer, judge for Akitas and many other breeds as well as the head breeding supervisor for the Akita Club e.V. group.

She gathered extensive information about this breed by breeding 140 puppies in 24 litters (as of 2009). She gained lots of insight about training this breed by finding homes for over 100 Akitas in need as well as numerous dogs that she raised herself.

The book review was made possible thanks to Nikos Vazakas. Thank you Nikos for your trust and for providing the book.