Akita Debate

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Origin of japanese dogs

akita and japanese dogs origin

Dogs were domesticated in East Asia from East Asian wolves (Canis lupus chanco) more than 15,000 years ago. That date is estimated from the rate of molecular substitution of mitochondrial DNA and the age of ancient dog remains. Domesticated dogs accompanying people migrated and dispersed throughout the entire world.

Dogs have always migrated with people. The earliest-known migrants to Japan, the Jomon people, are thought to have brought dogs to the Japanese archipelago some ten to twelve thousand years ago. The oldest dog skeletal remains discovered in Japan date from 9,500 before present (B.P.).

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Akita In The World For The Next Generation

takashi takedaMr. Takashi Takeda (84 years old, or say young) is the honorary board member of the Akita Preservation Society (Akiho) where its head quarters in the Ohdate City, Akita. Akita was facing the urge of extinction, and it could saved by Takeda-san and his colleagues after the war. Now he is in charge or say the international ambassador for the Akita breed.

Hide The Dogs In the Remote Mountain Regions
Takeda-san's class mate who was his neighbor was where the Hachi was born. During the war, they had three Akitas and he helped them taking the dogs with them for exercise and treat them as his own dogs since he was the first grade. Soon he fell in love with them seeing the nobleness and smartness of the dogs.

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Agility and akita, is it possible?

FB IMG 1437045551561Sure it is!

Agility builds a unique relationship with our dog, it's not a sport for working dogs only, it is very beneficial for the more "independent" dogs as well. Through agility, the dogs learn to work with their companion/handler and build a strong mutual trust relationship.

The first time I decided to try agility was when I first saw an agility show by the Athens Agility Addicts team and the trainer Efi Papadopoulou. Then I thought: is there any chance for my Saya to complete a full course? Two voices were arguing in my mind , the one was like "don't even think about it" and the other "you will never know if you don't try"

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Introduction to the genetic situation of Akitas

Akita GeneticsBefore we can understand the health situation of Akitas, we need to understand basic genetics. Genes make all living organisms, including man, work. I could explain about genes, alleles, and genomes but let's keep this very simple. The health issues of Akitas are mostly autoimmune problems like SA (sebaceous adenitis) and VKH/UDS (Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease/uveodermatologic syndrome) and lesser problems including allergies and hypothyroidism. Dogs have over 25,000 different genes, but there is one area in all our genes that makes the immune system work. In humans this is called the MHC area (major histocompatibility complex) and in dogs this is called the DLA area (dog leukocyte antigen). The best example to describe this system when it's working well is a full symphony orchestra with all the different instruments. A good immune system has it all and can play awesome music!

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Visiting AKIHO No131 Honbuten Show in Japan 2014

10856448 10152432298060685 8853509214141043301 oHi to all akita lovers who visit Akita club Hellas website ,my name is Doncho Borisov and please let me introduce my life event that i've been waiting many years ago to visit the most beautifull and the biggest Akita event in the world, No.131 Akiho Honbuten Show in Japan 2014.

So let me explain a little bit about AKIHO .Akiho Is a breed kennel association who work on progress to develop the Japanese natural treasure – breed Akita Inu. Akiho wrote all the standards for the breed in the first place and they are divided from FCI so the standards are not the same and the judging is different.

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