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1013934 10200736578190133 833407900 nA few months back we wrote an article about akita related bad news that show up in Google's first page and really makes eveybody wonder , are akitas really that bad?

Well, this time we have good news, it seems that a special akita owner found a unique way to demonstrate that akitas are not dangerous when properly trained and socialized. Nancy Almann shared with us her excellent idea and experience with her Akita named 'Kiyo'.

Here is what she told us:


934710 10200659078052678 1310508322 n <My Akita Kiyo is deaf. She’s been deaf since birth, and we adopted her knowing of her handicap. All of the sources I researched about raising a deaf dog indicated that deafies need more socialization than their hearing counterparts. We took this advice seriously.

Kiyo moved in – and took over the house! – when she was 8 weeks old. We immediately started socialization. I would take her everywhere I possibly could. The grocery store, the hardware store, the bank, the post office, to work, nearby parks, the library, or to the local mall. She was small and adorable – who could resist her?

She met people of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, and shapes. She met children on tricycles and elderly folks with walkers. She made friends with college students and professors, kindergartners and garbage men.

As we ventured around our small city, I realized people were asking the same questions or making the same comments. “What breed is she? Will she bite me? She’s an Akita.” Or ‘Oh! I thought Akitas were dangerous dogs!”

My response was always the same: ‘rarely a bad dog, usually a bad owner.’ A responsible owner who teaches basic manners to their 4-legged friend and manages their dog’s environment can prevent a problem. This is especially important with Akitas, who are considered ‘dangerous dogs.’
Kiyo’s socialization sessions were also public relations opportunities for the Akita breed. Every time Kiyo met someone, she charmed and delighted them. She’s an excellent ambassador for the breed I love.

Kiyo is now a confident, extroverted two year old. She no longer needs socialization. We continue to take her to as many venues and activities as possible to keep promoting the Akita breed. We estimate that she’s met over 20,000 people in her short life!>

- Nancy, we have to thank you for sharing your experience with akitaclub.gr and congratulate you for your magnificent idea which you implemented with a really special dog. 

By: Christos Ioannou


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