Akita Debate

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wasao-thumb002Another akita dog becomes famous, the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan appointed Wasao as a special ambassador for World Heritage-related activities.

Wasao got his name from a blogger who met the “busa (ugly) kawa (cute)” akita in one of his trips to the country. Wasao was abandoned and kind of hard to get close to. Somehow a local squid restaurant owner managed to bond with Wasao and their little story made the dog famous all over the world.


Noboru Noguchi, director general of the federation, told the ceremony, “We hope (Wasao) will be more active as a special ambassador who can promote the connection between people and nature, as well as the importance of life.”

Besides the ambassador's title, Wasao's reputation soon reached the movie studios and a new movie was released based on his story. The restaurant owner who adopted Wasao was more than lucky, the ex-stray appeared in numerous TV shows, magazines and his photo book sold over 1.000.000 copies!



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