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    We love our breed but we also understand that like every other breed it's not for everyone. Grabbing the opportunity from a recent article we would like to start a long debate and have everyone tell his opinion about akitas.

    Please vote FOR and/or AGAINST akita, let's let everyone know what the akita really is without beautyfying anything. We want every opinion out there, doesn't matter if you are not an akita fan, we really want to hear from you. Share this debate with all your friends and ask them to vote or add their opinion, more opinions mean less bias.

    Below you can see two different polls, you can vote in both and select multiple options. In case you would like to add something then simply fill in the "Add your reason" field and press vote. Once you have voted you cannot vote or add a new reason for 1 month. So, if you would like to add more than 1 new reasons to the debate then simply separate them using a dash (-) .

    Add 3 new reasons example: Ugly Dog - Shedding - Too big 

    After administrators have reviewed your suggestion to avoid spam, 3 new options will be added to the debate.

    Thank you all and remember to ask your friends to vote.